Austin Part 1 – The Obligatory Bob Dylan Cover (and it’s awesome)

Hi everyone and greetings from Austin.

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So camping in East Texas was not dissimilar the first 20 minutes of every horror film ever made (bugs, strange people, seafood buffets) followed by a downpour that threatened to last a week – leading us to run away to Austin, where we’ve been positively putting down roots. Not only have Baggy and Jess been able to engage in their favorite activity of watching TV while making sarcastic comments to each other for 10 hours straight, but we’ve been able to see a ton of music, eat a ton of Mexican food, watch everything Louis Theroux has made in the last year, and sit on a ton of our collective arse (probably really a ton now, after all the Mexican food).

As a result please welcome the first of several Austin videos. We were lucky enough to stumble upon Stanley Smith and Lauren Gurgiolo playing at The Elephant Room. Suffice to say, our collective mind was blown by their laid back tunes, and Stanley was lovely enough to share his story which warmed our, admittedly already toasty, cockles.

We’re trying to spread the word about the musicians we’re seeing on this trip so please please please share and like the video if you are inspired to do so! Tell your friends (your enemies, your pets and the people waiting at the bus stop outside your house.)

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