“The Sky In Seattle Is The Same Shade of Grey” – Lauren Napier

It’s hard to pick up a life and shift it across continents, you’d think we’d know this by now. Seattle stays in your head like the clouds it’s famous for, fogging over everything and making you yearn for the smell of the lakes and the mountains with your morning coffee.

Lauren Napier is a fellow wandering soul who we were lucky enough to meet almost as soon as touching down in Berlin, our new home. She’s on the cusp of moving again, back to Tacoma after a stint in Berlin. As we move here, dragging with us the yearning for the sea, she goes back, dragging with her the vision of Berlin – a place seeped in green leaves, knotted tree-lined streets, history, art and a vibrant culture that refuses to be stereotyped, no matter how hard you try.

There’s simplicity to her music, as there would be with any wandering singer-songwriter, just a voice and a guitar for the most part, but her lyrics, her voice are tinted with a timeless echo that brings a greater meaning, an intelligence and analysis of a life well-lived and experiences mulled over.

She’ll be on tour on the West Coast pretty soon, then her album will be coming out, and not about time too. Like a comet you should catch her as she passes by.

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