Memphis – “There she is again with that camera”

How do you compare children? You love them both as much as each other, right? It’s a Motherly law – but sometimes, you might struggle. This is where we find ourselves in Tennessee right now.
From the outset, Memphis could clearly bludgeon Nashville with a simple toothpick. A savage beating utilising something so rudimentary crude as if you were cleaning your molars or incisors. No contest. The resonance of STAX records jazzing mercilessly all over the beige commercial County twaddle we encountered in Nashville – a veritable Tennessee Dentist Massacre.
But, Memphis. You look like you’re in need of a big giant hug. Let us give you one each. Whilst I think we are both fully aware of the horrible poverty division that is widely prevalent  across the USA – it still doesn’t make things easier to digest whilst walking through these sparse bleak streets towards Sun Records & then the tourist strip – Beale St. Times have hit Memphis hard. This is clear to see.

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Beale Street. A tourist trap, for sure. But it still possessed a soul & dignity about itself. Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Otis – all belters endlessly blasting out from each of the venues we walked by. A real sense of “This is Memphis – Your music will never better ours” – not necessarily arrogance, but a physical factual belief. As long as you are being immersed in this very important music, everything else just follows. Don’t believe me? Just gaze at the STAX roster.
 Bar after bar we were treated to some seriously good live music, friendly locals & seemingly everything that was lacking in Nashville.
Checkout the videos we recorded. Some of our best yet. Truly amazing people doing what they love. Featuring members of the Sister Lucille Band and Barbara Blue.
Catfish (YUM!) & Hush Puppies (fried cornbread – DOUBLE YUM!) finished the evening with a titanic Double Fonzie thumbs-up, before we headed back to our base-camp.
RECAP: After perhaps enjoying ourselves a little too much, our next destination of New Orleans seemed like overkill. There are only so many places one can drink solidly all day before your body (and mind) finally accepts defeat.
This meant some serious detox time in a few stunningly beautiful nature parks, sadly at the expense of the hedonistic liver-wrecking cash-consuming Bourbon St.

Next up? A very long journey to Austin TX


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  1. Amanda says:

    Sister Lucille rocks!!!!

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