The Workplace Bully – The Movie

Bunch of Savages Productions are proud to present the extraordinary festive movie, The Workplace Bully.

Proving that the spirit of Christmas, indie cinema and weird Seattle is alive and well. December 15th sees the premier The Workplace Bully. Seattle-based film maker Jess Sweetman ( bunch of savages productions) has melded a blend of John Waters’ trash cinema with the archetypal Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie.

With its dark electro soundtrack, courtesy of William Hall (Star Meets Sea), and moody cinematography by Betsy Boyer (True Bearing Productions), the film juggles the light hearted and truly bizarre with the themes of unchecked capitalism, cyber bullying and bigotry – and their ultimately destructive nature.

The film, a story set around the holidays, shot in West Seattle and Ballard focusses on central character Cheryl (played by local writer, actor and filmmaker Krystal Faye.) Cheryl is a recent survivor of a suicide cult, whose unflinching believes make her a pariah in her community. Feeling marginalized Cheryl is drawn to the app Go Bully Go, which promises to help her deal with her workplace bully.

Sweetman says: “With so many talented people in one place, Seattle is the perfect venue to make a collaborative piece of art. The film features cameos by lots of local musicians who I have met while blogging.Not bad for a budget of $150!”