About Us

Alt Fanclub (formerly PHL2SEA) is a weekly music blog featuring exclusive sessions and interviews with amazing bands you may or may not have heard of yet.

Formerly based out of Seattle, WA,  husband and wife team John (writer) and Jess (videographer)  have since moved to Berlin, Germany, bringing the blog with them as they strive to bring you amazing music from interesting people from this fine city and way beyond.

About us:

Jess Sweetman is a videographer, writer, very occasional musician, and all-round music nerd who spends her free time, when she’s not trying to become some kind of an artist, interviewing amazing bands. In addition she’s a short film-maker, whose credits include the Burien Film Festival and a plethora of fucking weird music videos that you can browse at your leisure via her Youtube Channel. 

Johnny Dickerson is a DJ – championing all things Indie, Alternative, New Wave, Post Punk & Shoegaze. Fanatic 45rpm collector, a sucker for band T-shirts & an obsessive fan of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. He also writes some words when motivated enough.


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