’til the flat burned down

The alarm screamed like a migraine

on the 34th floor

Air turned to poison

Soaked towels by the door.

Mum said not to worry

but she wasn’t sure.

I’d never seen her cry before.


Squeezed shut eyes won’t stop the screaming

as in smoke we drowned.

Lost children, lost sailors,

will never be found.

Hit an iceberg called poverty.

A life run aground.

We warned it would happen.

But poor voices make no sound.


Maybe you’ll remember us,

We sacrificial lambs,

We burned to death to prove a point

That money is the man.

While we did what they said.

We hid in our beds.

We stayed in the flat

While the flat burned down.


Parents clung to their baby

Destroyed by primal fear

Reading surgeon’s covered faces

Willing sickness disappear.


Somehow I survived

All the way to 25

And every evening they still check that I’m alive.

Their miracle.

Savings in tatters,

While I rise up

A paper lantern.


But I carry their fear,

Of the tickle in my throat,

Making sure to fasten my coat

In Winter.

Who knew

That being born was a pre-existing condition.


Can’t relapse right now,

While they burn healthcare to the ground.

And stress burns out my insides,

Fear of a body that will die.

Or worse, degrade for miles.

Taking their home, their smiles.



So I do what they said.

I lie in my bed

I stay in my bed

while the country burns down.


I’ve stopped reading newspapers

Stopped with TV

My doctor confirmed that

it just depressed me.

And that wasn’t good.

Self care is the key

To surviving

This misery.

You can’t blame me.


And now each day I hear

A different protest

Get if off your chest

And tell the government

that you’re on to them.


It’s so good

That they’re willing to go that far

For all of us

I want to be there

but i don’t like a fuss.


I don’t like violence,

Or shouting.

I’m quite a wuss,

I even get ready and stand by the door

Knowing for sure

I’m going to make another excuse

and stay at home once more.


I wanted a change

But it was too loud

I wanted to scream

But no sound came out.


So I do what they said.

I lie in my bed

I stay in the house

While the world burns down.


I’m bathing in dread

But no one has said

What else I should do

While the world burns down.


Someone should help

But I’m powerless myself

So I’ll just wait inside

While the world burns down.



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