If you don’t mind, I’m having a constitutional crisis 

If you don’t mind, I’m having

A constitutional crisis 

I know you have one booked

But it’s not due 

For a week. 
So at least 

For the time being , 

You could pamper me 

While I fight this. 

Frantic chewing reeks havoc on the nails

And the screaming makes my eyeliner streak . 
If you don’t mind

This is my time

To glance into

The vortex. 

As a thing I called reality 

Falls into the bin . 
At least have 

The good grace 

To take the shock off your face

Go out into the kitchen 

And bring me back some gin. 
If you don’t mind 

I’m having 

A constitutional crisis 

Does it sometimes feel

Like we’re racing 

To see who gets there first? 
Like maybe it’s a bad joke

Some low-rate reality show

And at the end 

We’ll think it’s coming 

He’ll be about to press the button 

But instead of nukes

Red balloons 

Will pour onto our heads.


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