Tobias the Owl Achieves Immortality


It’s always a sign of a good Saturday afternoon when you get to witness great music and weird, wonderful conversation about how you basically become someone new on a molecular level once every seven years, with people who aren’t even high.

Tobias the Owl had a Shakespearian introduction to me. I would hear the name of the band, or rather “collective” led by singer-songwriter-guitarist-medical physicist Elijah. Dhavvan (joined by violinist Yun-En Liu), spoken of in reverential tones on social media (remember when those existed?) Eventually they were recommended to me for harassing on behalf of this blog by altfanclub alum and all-round good egg Tekla Waterfield, who also sings on their first and most recent album, Every Eye is a Universe.

I have spent a lot of time listening to this album of late, unsurprised when Elijah mentions that he’s getting emails from across the planet from people who have succumbed to its charms. I cranked the album up during our recent snowmaggedon in West Seattle (don’t worry, we’re all fine) and had a pretty amazing moment of listening to the lush guitar sound while watching the snow flurry outside.

Oh and I joined the collective. I imagine it being a bit like a folkier Wu-Tang Clan.


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