Star Anna

This was the very first blog post I ever recorded based on a dream. Somehow Star Anna managed to sneak her way into my subconscious, possibly through her hauntingly beautiful songs, and the fact that I’m in Seattle and in Seattle you hear about Star Anna a lot/ You hear about her around here, most likely because she does a bunch of cool and interesting things (including her show this Sunday where she’s performing the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust with an orchestra), because she’s buds with all of the usual suspects such as Mark Pickerell, Duff McKagan and has recorded with the ever-supportive of local tunage Mike McCready,  and because she absolutely rocks.

With her soulful Americana, Lucinda Williams-esque vocals and, for this performance, the backing of her band and a string quartet, Star Anna continues to rise and it’s going to sound amazing.

Go dreams.

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