Skating Polly pt.1

I visited Skating Polly (stepsisters Peyton and Kelli) at their home in Tacoma on a drizzly Saturday morning a few months ago. The two and a half hour bus journey to get there gave me ample time to catch up on their back catalog – one I’ve been listening the hell out of for the past year.

I was blown away by this band from the first time I listened, it’s not just their youth (they recorded their first album when Kelli was 9 and Peyton 13), their mastery of their instruments (both are multi instrumentalists, swapping between guitar, bassitar, keyboard and drum duty at their live shows). It’s not even the pedigree of amazing musicians who have turned out in support of everything these remarkable people are doing (Exene Cervenka, Babes in Toyland, Kate Nash, Verruca Salt and many more), but something closer to home that makes me want to listen to their music on a loop forever.

Interviewing them in their bedroom made it almost impossible not to flash back to being 16, sitting in a not dissimilar room with my best friends playing music. I felt what it is to be a  girl loving and learning about filthy guitars and the incredible sounds that they make, and I remembered the strength it gave me to look up to other women who were doing the rock star thing.

It means everything in the world that women are breaking through the patriarchal stronghold of guitar based rock. It means everything that generations of girls will be able to listen to Skating Polly, whose intelligence matches their incredible ability to rock the fuck out.

Right now, in this fucked up world we need as much of the badass positivity of chicks with guitars as we can get.

Turn it up fucking loud and enjoy.


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