Listen to The Shrouded Door EP NOW!

Oh election day! The day that democracy gets to do its funky thang. The day that we’ve all been dreading for well over a year, The day that my phone is on airplane mode and I download Valley of the Dolls to read in it’s entirety in the bath. In a day where all of the utter sucking bullshit of the last however long hits the fan and splatters across the universe, it’s good that there’s a silver lining in the shape of B.A. The Scribe and Wffls dropping a brand new EP entitled The Shrouded Door. 

I’m on my 4th listen, it sounds like sweet, life giving therapy to me.

According to the release: “B.A the Scribe & Wffls, a hip-hop duo from Tacoma, WA, pull no punches on their new independent release, The Shrouded Door EP, out today, November 8, 2016, on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

In the rain-soaked, gritty city of Tacoma, WA artistic voices pour like raindrops from all directions, painting pictures of “the way of things” – whether the subject is an individual’s personal tales or an entire nation’s trials and tribulations. On The Shrouded Door EP, a pre-cursor to their upcoming full-length album, The Blue Room, the voices of B.A the Scribe and featured artist Yodi Mac join forces with Wffls’s dark, dusty production to paint their own pictures and boldly interrogate the “way of things” in American society.

At a time of national soul-searching amid economic malaise, loathsome national politics, and rampant abuse of power by law enforcement officials, B.A the Scribe & Wffls dare to open the door to America’s darkest depths while defiantly hoping that the only way out is through. Enter The Shrouded Door. Welcome to The Blue Room.”

So stop refreshing that browser and praying to a deity you’ve been ignoring for a while and listen to this – it might just help give a sprinkling of hope in the darkness.


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