Album Review: Taman Shud’s “Oracle War”


Taman Shud – ‘Oracle War’ – (Trashmouth Records)

Look what arrived at HQ!!

Straight away, the album opens with the title track of the album, ‘Oracle War’, a cacophony of noises to bludgeon your senses into submission.

This is a subtle blend of metal, electro, soaring harmonies & bastardized pop. The last time all these factors were utilized so seamlessly, Faith No More had just released the near mythical album, ‘Angel Dust’ in 1992.

‘God Repeater’, ‘Aquatic Malign’, ‘Canaan’s Jewell’ – it’s impossible not to hear musical comparisons with Godspeed You Black Emperor and early Sonic Youth. Producer, Liam D May, has effortlessly been able to bottle Taman Shud’s lightening & transfer it perfectly to their second album. They are the rightful Kings of Doomgaze.

UK’s Trashmouth Records, home to such luminaries as The Fat White Family, Warmduscher, Pit Ponies & Meatraffle, have yet again delivered the goods. Forever striving for more creative directions, they must surely be producing the most diverse & eclectic musician roster since Factory records.


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