Jeremy Serwer: Smashing the System sounds pretty good.

I swore off Facebook, it took about a week of using an app to stop me from peeking, after a while it felt like I’d swapped out my head, like the evil queen in Return to Oz, replacing the bitter, miserable person I was in danger of becoming with a focussed, productive and happier me. It’s not surprising. Right now the politics going on around us are enough to make you question how humans manage to keep going when we appear to be such gullible, pigheaded and divided fuckers.

Jeremy Serwer has also given up Facebook, and the internet in general for the same reason. We bonded talking politics on a Thursday at the end of July, the day before his birthday. He plays and sings with a melted-chocolate voice that would make your racist granny swoon, before sneaking a punch of lyrics decrying the many and varied injustices in the world.

I fear people who say that there’s no room in music for politics. Sure, escapism is fine, but as the new wave of fascism encroaches the mainstream now is the time we need to raise our voices and shout until it gets through. I’d be pretty comfortable letting Jeremy lead the way.



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  1. Fun, sounds like you had a satisfying conversation and first-hand performance. Congrats on leaving Facebook, both you and Jeremy. I also left Facebook recently:


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