STAG: The answer lies in power pop

This video has been a long time in the making. We first saw STAG play when we had just moved to Seattle, randomly, at the now sadly defunct Feedback Lounge in W Seattle. I did that thing where i have three drinks and start demanding that bands let me film them for this blog I do which no one reads, and I was quickly ushered to Steve, the lead singer, who had lived in England for a long spell (as the singer of That Petrol Emotion) and was, presumably, more adept at dealing with annoying drunk Englishwomen.

Drunk Jess was barely aware of the pedigree of these lovely chaps, with a string of  musical achievements behind the lot of them, not to mention having not one but TWO stories about Kenny G to casually drop into conversation.

A long time later the filming happened, unfortunately coinciding with my old camera snuffing it, so a rerecord later and the video is finally here. During such time STAG have done a ton of cool things – they hosted the STAG party featuring a rather wonderful sing-along-a-Big Star with Jody Stevens, they’re working on a single for Mike McCready’s Hockytalkter records, and pretty soon they’ll be playing Bumbershoot festival.

Fairly impressive I suppose, now if you don’t mind I’m going back to bed… Turn this one up really loud, jump around the room and hear for yourself.




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