Random thoughts from Baggy – “Luv n’ Haight”

A random blog post whilst I’m recovering from mild food poisoning.  Pizza. The dangers of a 3day old food item. Who knew the risks?!?

Getting a tattoo done these days is pretty old-hat. It seems like any old cunt has ‘expressed’ themselves by going under the needle. For a long time, I liked to think the most extreme form of individuality was NOT getting yourself tagged or getting piercings. 

As an impressionable 13yo, I gazed at magazine shoots of Faith No More’s Mike Patton, with his eyebrow ring. That looked cool as shit. In all fairness, Mike Patton always looked cool as shit. He still does.

The idea of something being permanently emblazoned & on show 24/7 is a serious investment. For starters, you must ‘like’ something a lot for 365 days of body publicity – and not some wishy washy Facebook ‘like’ either. This shit is (technically) for life.

There are also far too many factors to think about. Whereabouts on your body are you getting this done? Will you opt for a riskier chance-of-fading colour scheme, or plain black? Is there a chance that the hopefully reputable tattoo parlour might fuck EVERYTHING up? 

And we haven’t even decided on the content yet!

The name of your partner? Too risky.

A family member? A bit weird.

A pet? That’s just odd.

Your sports team? Meh.

A radio station? Hmmm. Go on…

A musician or band? I think I’ve found a winner.

Cult Manchester UK band, The Stone Roses (@thestoneroses), have always held a place in my heart since I heard their eponymous debut album in the early 90’s. A band steeped in mythical qualities. A group, that is with you for life – much like a tattoo. 

Since living in Seattle, we’ve also embraced local non-profit radio station KEXP (@KEXP) – I’m toying with the idea of that inked on me. Not too big – one block colour – black. 

A veritable talking-point when I leave these shores & return back to Europe permanently. 

– “Hey, cool Black Flag tattoo man” 

– Yeah, it isn’t actually a Black Flag tattoo. But, it’s certainly a pastiche of it, so you are kinda right. It’s a radio station in Seattle. I spent 2 very enjoyable years there.

– “Yeah. Henry Rollins is the shit”

– Uh. I guess so….

Yep. I’d certainly be the life of any party.

Watch this space….

Thoughts on potential tattoo ideas for the Bagster? Drop your ideas in the comments below…@JohnnyDee_UK


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  1. Jessica #1 says:

    KEXP all the way!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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