Episode 23: Jugs of Blood Rock Kent

When I was 14 I had a crush on a metal fan, I tried to impress him by opening a beer bottle with my teeth. It failed to have the desired effect, but luckily my teeth survived. Since then I haven’t had that much to do with metal, (unless you count L7).  I think Jugs of Blood are going to change all that.

I ventured all the way to Kent, (2 buses and a car ride) with a killer hangover, a new camera and a vague notion of what I was up to. We’d become aware of each other, film maker and band, through a Facebook group, it was one of those experiments that I hoped not to regret.

I didn’t regret it. Jugs of Blood rock, filthy catchy loud as fuck riffs melding with funny, clever, bizarre lyrics.

“We talk about the real issues” explains singer / lead guitarist the Rev. Dr. Metal Matt, “songs like Badger in My Attic, for example, deals with the real issue of what to do when there’s a badger in your attic.”

For all the frivolousness of Jugs of Blood’s approach to the world there’s something deeper underneath. The crazy concepts are a hook to drag you kicking and screaming toward the music itself. The fantasy world becomes a way of escaping from and eventually dealing with the assholery of everything that is happening in America right now. Metal as coping mechanism is something I can absolutely relate to.

I send them the video yesterday and they marked their approval by declaring me a new member of the Jugs of Blood family. Of this I am deeply fucking proud because, quite frankly, who couldn’t use a fun, marauding metal family right now?



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