PHL2SEA Episode 19: Lost Dogma Have Been On Tour Since 2006

A bus to Shoreline, a city just above Seattle, which looks eerily similar to lots of other cities on the outskirts of Seattle (billboards , traffic, dodgy motels, massive pine trees – check) takes longer than you’d think, but it’s Summer and it’s worth it for the tunes on the other end of the line.

Toby (that is Toby Brady, the songwriter who performs with a mixed group of various musicians in the band Lost Dogma) is home, which is a miracle in itself. He’s just been auditioning for a new drummer to take along for the ride. I ask Toby how long he’s been touring for. He thinks for a moment and announces – “since 2006.” As someone who loves traveling but equally loves bed and TV and being able to buy shit from thrift stores as long as I have somewhere to put it, this seems pretty damned impressive.

Toby’s one of the only musicians I have met during this blog who actually makes a living doing this. It clearly takes a bucket load of effort, hustle and a leather hide to deflect the slings and arrows of a world that would really prefer everyone to just stay in one place. His music is groovy, catchy and is country enough to tell a beautiful stories without ever mentioning beer, guns, trucks or Fridays. His new album, “Fairy Tales and Lies” is being worked on in his basement studio as we speak: “It’s because half of what I say is bullshit and the other half is lies” he explains forthrightly.

Seems good enough for me. Enjoy!


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