The King of Burien

My new years resolutions for 2016 were as follows:

  • To keep up the video blogging
  • To write a bunch of short stories
  • To make a film and enter it into festivals.

So far I’m winning at life. In March I read about and decided to enter the Burien Film Festival, a fabulous local festival linked to the UFO festival in Burien, encouraging film makers to submit 5 minute films set in that most illustrious of cities. Being someone who loves a deadline I got involved. Even better, several of the wonderful bands who have taken part in the blog so far did too, Tekla Waterfield, Tit Nun and Star Meets Sea (who we’ll be previewing in the next post) let me use their tunes in the soundtrack, and, in the case of the latter, enjoyed some wonderful cameos.

Here’s the result. We didn’t win, but we had an incredible time, and I got to fulfill a new years resolution. Hooray!



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