That’ll be the day (that we stay in Lubbock)

María Elena Holly. Not a lady to mess with, so it seems. As we relaxed in a modestly priced hotel in Lubbock TX, we utilise the free WIFI & learn more about the woman more commonly referred to as Buddy Holly’s wife.

Already I feel on shaky ground. I’m awaiting a sternly written email from her lawyers, advising me to stop talking about Mr Holly.  You see, María Elena Holly owns the name, image, trademarks and other intellectual property associated with the deceased musician.

She’s also not afraid to flex her litigious muscles. She sued the town where we are staying. That’s right, she served papers to Lubbock TX – the hometown of Buddy Holly – for remembering their famous son with a Museum. Unfortunately, they never asked María Elena Holly. Big mistake.

She also jettisoned her legal team towards poor old Peggy. Peggy Sue Gerron, who is still a Lubbock resident, was threatened with libel action over her ‘unauthorised’ & ‘damaging’ memoirs in 2008.

A Buddy Holly Appreciation Day in Lubbock was also in danger, with court action being threatened if any of the performers appear to ‘look’ like Buddy. Glasses, hair, guitar, suit, teeth. Maybe that’s why The Proclaimers have never performed here**

Still, Lubbock was voted Worst Place To Visit in a recent 2014 survey. we’re not surprised judging from the poor quality of take out food here. Time to be moving on. 


**I have no idea if The Proclaimers have ever performed in Lubbock. 

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